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Bryan Helberg

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Bryan was born and raised in central Wisconsin to two Air Force Veteran parents. His father performed engine maintenance on T-38s, while his mother worked in supply and administration. His familial experience in the Air Force led him to develop an interest in aviation, but he never saw a career path that led into an aircraft.

Out of high school, he attended Winona State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting. After spending some years in the tech industry in various accounting positions, he finally saw a way to pursue both his career as an accountant, and his dream as a pilot. He was hired on as Controller of Twin Cities Flight and that position has evolved to encompass both his accounting duties as well as dispatch operations duties.

Bryan is currently enrolled in the Private Pilot curriculum where he will soon earn his Private Pilot certification before eventually moving on towards his Instrument Rating. When not cashing checks and watching jets, Bryan can be found attending a healthy number of Wild games.

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