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Full-Motion Redbird MCX Flight Simulator

Elevate your training without ever leaving the ground

Cost-effective training to obtain your certifications

  • Learn more while spending less. Flight simulator instruction is significantly less expensive than airplane instruction
  • Complete 20 of your 40 training hours toward an Instrument Rating
  • Complete 50 of your required 250 hours for a Commercial Certificate
  • Complete your Private Pilot Certificate faster and more efficiently by supplementing with simulator training
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About the Redbird MCX Flight Simulator

  • State-of-the-art technology to enhance and accelerate professional pilot training to meet any aviator goal
  • One-of-a-kind, full-motion system that provides effective motion feedback to give the real feel
  • Dual controls that allow for simultaneous pilot and copilot control which creates a space perfectly suited for training and Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Immersive, wrap-around visuals that surround you in a simulated world supporting all types of training
  • Train in any weather condition, at or around any airport, and in any phase of flight through the instructor control station interface
  • G1000 panel that allows for training on some of the most advanced avionics equipment in airplanes today
  • Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) approved by the FAA and certified for loggable hours
  • Weatherproof. You can train anytime
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  • Limited time simulator promo rate is $75/hr
  • Twin Cities Flight students are eligible to receive exclusive simulator rate discounts after initial training
  • Instructor rate is an additional $85/hr
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Training at Twin Cities Flight

  • Start with a Discovery Flight and meet an instructor
  • Enroll in professional training courses for private, instrument, commercial, and flight instructor certifications
  • Receive highly personalized service – we know our pilots
  • Remove barriers between you and your dream to become a pilot

Get In Touch

Twin Cities Flight provides you direct CFI access to have your questions answered. You may want to know more about training prices, aircraft rental, training schedules, pilot certificates, or simply what your next steps should be. Drop us a line and we will have you cleared for take-off!

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