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Our Difference

We stand out – We’re what you’ve been looking for.

Our goal at Twin Cities Flight is to dismantle the idea that it takes a special kind of person to pursue aviation. We believe that aviation can be enjoyed by all and we strive to create a comfortable learning environment for every person that walks through the door. Our number one priority is excellent customer service offered to all customers at a fair and competitive price.

At Twin Cities Flight, we know our customers. We get involved with each person that walks through the door and strive to provide the best personalized service to each customer. You may just be looking to work through the steps of flight training to pursue a professional career or you may be looking for something new and rewarding to fill in for some free time in your life. Regardless of your end goal, we cater to you. Our staff is experienced in all areas to provide you with the best service. Come check us out; you won’t look back.

Get In Touch

Twin Cities Flight provides you direct CFI access to have your questions answered. You may want to know more about training prices, aircraft rental, training schedules, pilot certificates, or simply what your next steps should be. Drop us a line and we will have you cleared for take-off!

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