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If you are looking into becoming a career professional pilot, we offer all the training you need to get there. Our FAA Part 61 programs offer a rigid structure training environment which proves to be efficient as you move through the courses quickly. You will cruise right through the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating courses so you can get down to business and on the fast-track to become a commercial pilot.

After you have completed the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating courses, it’s time to start building hours toward your Commercial Certificate. While building hours toward your Commercial Certificate, you can begin to work with an instructor to become familiar with commercial maneuvers. Once you hit your 250 hours, you’ll be ready to pass your checkride with flying colors and become a commercial pilot. 

When you obtain your Commercial Certificate, it’s time to start focusing on where you want to begin your career as a pilot. The typical next step is to train to become a Certified Flight Instructor. Many airlines will require that you have a certain number of hours before you are able to apply for a flight crew position. When you become a Certified Flight Instructor you are not only able to share your passion for aviation with others as you teach students, you’re also logging hours of experience that you can add to your resume at the same time. Even better yet, you get paid for it!

The aviation industry is in dire need of pilots. Now is a better time to get into professional aviation than it has ever been. Many of the airlines have dropped the requirement of a bachelor’s degree and instead only require seeing that you’re experienced and dedicated to aviation.


From zero to professional pilot can seem pretty daunting. Just remember that you are taking the program one step at a time. The Private Pilot Certificate will cost $15,000, the Instrument Rating will cost $12,500, the Commercial Pilot Certificate will cost $30,000, the Certified Flight Instructor Certificate will cost $6,000, and the Commercial Multi-Engine Instructor will cost $10,000. Collectively, the total cost from zero hours to professional pilot is $75,000. You might find this expense similar to that of a college degree, but at the end you’ll be in an office 30,000ft up with plenty to see.

**Cost for courses shown above are Twin Cities Flight’s average costs associated with each program**


  1. Complete Private Pilot Training
  2. Complete Instrument Rating Training
  3. Complete Single-Engine Commercial Pilot Training
  4. Complete Certified Flight Instructor Training
  5. Complete Commercial Multi-Engine Instructor Training

That’s it! You’re now a professional pilot building experience with a competitive resume to show off to the airlines.

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Don’t let the unfamiliarity of aviation keep you from one of the best experiences of your life. Jump out of your comfort zone and into the left seat. The staff at Twin Cities Flight strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for you to learn and provide all of the knowledge and tools for you to flourish.

Become one of the few. Your journey begins here.

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