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Private Pilot Training

Be one of the few and start your private pilot training. You might be looking into kicking off a career in aviation, a new hobby to enjoy, or a new way of travel. The private pilot certificate has got you covered in all areas. The goal at Twin Cities Flight is to offer the private pilot course the way that you imagine it. We work hard to cater to your personal needs and maintain a flexible approach so  you can complete the program based on your availability and timeline. With this approach, we can propel you through the program in as little as two months or realize a relaxed approach to allow you as much time as needed to complete the course. 


The cost to receive flight training is the biggest hurdle for many, but you cannot put a price tag on an investment into your future and enjoyment of life. The average cost for the Private Pilot Certificate can range anywhere from $14K-$24K depending on location and rental rates. We fit right in the middle of that price range to offer fair and competitive pricing. You can expect to pay around $19,000 for your Private Pilot License at Twin Cities Flight.


  • 16 Years of age to solo
  • 17 Years of age to obtain Private Pilot Certificate
  • Obtain, at minimum, FAA 3rd Class Medical
  • Able to read, speak, write, and understand English


  1. Enroll in private pilot ground school
  2. Complete 40 flight hours (minimum)
  3. Pass private pilot knowledge test
  4. Pass private pilot practical test

The private pilot certificate allows you to fly both day and night under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). In addition, you are allowed to carry passengers and there are no restrictions to travel distance. The private pilot certificate also opens the door to buying an airplane of your own, joining a flying club,  renting single-engine airplanes from any rental facility, or continue training for additional certificates.

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It’s Time

Don’t let the unfamiliarity of aviation keep you from one of the best experiences of your life. Jump out of your comfort zone and into the left seat. The staff at Twin Cities Flight strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for you to learn and provide all of the knowledge and tools for you to flourish.

Become one of the few. Your journey begins here.

Jump In The Left Seat

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Twin Cities Flight provides you direct CFI access to have your questions answered. You may want to know more about training prices, aircraft rental, training schedules, pilot certificates, or simply what your next steps should be. Drop us a line and we will have you cleared for take-off!

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