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Instrument Training

Now that you have  obtained your “license to learn,” you might feel ready to move on to a new challenge. Many private pilots, especially in Minnesota, will move on to train for their Instrument Rating. Through the instrument rating training course, you will have more active  communications with ATC, learn to fly in adverse weather conditions, and become a much safer and more confident pilot. You will learn to fly the airplane by instrument reference only to provide you with the skills you need to fly in a condition that does not allow for any visual references outside of the airplane. You become one with the airplane.


Being that you’ve already obtained your initial license, the Private Pilot Certificate, the cost for instrument training typically clears you to land at minimums with less money spent. The hour requirements are pretty similar to private pilot minimums, but your experience level has increased which helps you move through the training more efficiently. The average cost to obtain the Instrument Rating at Twin Cities Flight is $12,500.


  • 17 Years of age 
  • FAA Private Pilot Certificate
  • Valid FAA 3rd Class Medical


  1. Enroll in instrument rating ground school
  2. Complete 40 flight hours (minimum)
  3. Pass Instrument Rating knowledge test
  4. Pass Instrument Rating practical test

Twin Cities Flight provides a rigorous instrument training environment that will prepare you for real-life encounters with adverse weather conditions and ATC communications. The instrument rating is not meant to be an easy task and our instructors will push you to your limits to establish the safest methods that you will use as an instrument rated pilot.

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It’s Time

Don’t let the unfamiliarity of aviation keep you from one of the best experiences of your life. Jump out of your comfort zone and into the left seat. The staff at Twin Cities Flight strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for you to learn and provide all of the knowledge and tools for you to flourish.

Become one of the few. Your journey begins here.

Jump In The Left Seat

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