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Commercial Training

Thinking about flying for a career? Now that you are more than proficient flying the airplane visually and by instrument reference, your Commercial Pilot Certificate will be that next step. Enhance your enjoyment of flying from just a hobby to a career. The Commercial Pilot Certificate will lead you into professional aviation and the tremendous opportunities the professional setting offers. Throughout the training, you will learn how to fly the airplane to a professional standard and competency that will raise you above the Private and Instrument pilot skill level. Your skills and confidence flourish in the commercial training course and produce the exceptional pilot you have always been within.


The training expense to obtain your Commercial Certificate is actually pretty affordable compared to other training program costs. Commercial training will only cost about $5,000. However, to obtain the Commercial Certificate, you must have 250 hours of total time. That said, the biggest expense when you pursue your Commercial Certificate is the cost for building hours up to that 250 hour minimum requirement. On average, you can look to spend about $25,000 for time building to bring you up to minimum requirements to be eligible for the commercial checkride. All inclusive, if you move right into commercial after you have obtained your Instrument Rating, you can expect to spend $30,000 to obtain your Commercial Certificate.


  1. Enroll in commercial pilot ground school
  2. Train and build flight time towards the minimum requirements 
  3. Pass commercial pilot knowledge test
  4. Pass the commercial pilot practical test 


  • 18 years of age
  • Valid FAA 3rd Class Medical (2nd Class Medical to exercise Commercial Pilot privileges)
  • 250 total flight hours
  • 100 hours of Pilot in Command time 
  • 50 hours cross country time 
  • 20 hours of dual training time, including 10 hours of instrument time, and 10 hours of Complex and/or Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA) time 

The Twin Cities Flight Commercial Pilot training course will provide you the training and opportunity to progress to the next step in an aviation career or simply enable you to fly for compensation or hire.

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