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prospective student looking into flight training

Recreational pilots, know the basics of FAA medical certificates

Among the more common questions we receive from aspiring pilots are ones about FAA medical certification. For all prospective students looking into flight training, the medical certificate is the one thing that can end a flying career before it begins.

Who needs it

When to get it

  • The FAA suggests you receive it before beginning flight training.
  • Their rationale is hard to argue with: “This will alert you to any condition that would prevent you from becoming a pilot before you pay for lessons.”
  • Renewal periods for your FAA medical certificate are every 24 months, or 60 months if under age 40.

How to get it

What it costs

  • Getting a 3rd class medical certificate often costs between $200 and $250.
  • The FAA does not play any role in determining the fees, and cost variations depend on where you live.
  • Special issuance medical exams are used for specific health conditions and may cost more.

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